Fluency Motion 5Rhythms with Melanie

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Between the head and feet of any person is a billion miles of unexplored wilderness.

~Gabrielle Roth, founder of 5Rhythms®


5Rhythms has been deeply therapeutic. I have been setting intentions prior to each practice, and working through a lot of blocked emotions, and developing a lot more comfort with uncertainty….This practice has helped me feel and identify my emotions in the moment (vs. perceive it broadly after the fact, as a sort of heavy feeling in my chest and stomach), and it has given me a lot more clarity in my life….It’s nice to not be numb any more, and to feel a bit alive!

from P.S.

Melanie’s class…was probably the most exquisite 5Rhythms Waves class I’ve been to in 20 years of dancing. She brought depth, clarity, warmth, poetry and wit into that room. And there was a great playlist.

Catriona Mitchell

5Rhythms alters the way I move and react to the world on and off the dance floor! And Melanie C. is an intuitive wellspring of knowledge and an inspiring force behind my newly found love of this dance practice!

Dovie A.

Melanie is a natural teacher and a natural leader. Always inclusive, encouraging, and engaging, she has a way of gently directing the students’ experiences into a deeper realm while keeping the overall atmosphere upbeat and joyful.

She creates a safe and welcoming space within which there is room for everyone. I highly recommend Melanie as a 5Rhythms instructor.


I am a woman in my 70s who loves moving to music…Moving around our round wooden dance space to Melanie’s inspiring and eclectic music choices is a pleasurable experience in itself….Engaging in 5Rhythms waves encourages mobility and stamina [and] resonates off the dance floor as well, opening one’s relationship to music and to mundane life experiences, like kitchen chaos after a dinner party.

Mary Beth

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