Class schedules for Phoenix & Tucson are listed below. In 5Rhythms®, we aren’t learning specific steps or choreography. Rather, we are experimenting with embodying different energies, exploring how they manifest in our bodies. That means that each person’s dance may look very different, but our dances will share an energetic feel. We are all on our own unique journey in the same territory. By grounding in our physical experience, we can anchor our emotional, mental, and spiritual lives, giving us a strong foundation from which to engage with each other and our wider communities. You are the investigator and the mystery, the explorer and the quest, the scientist and the subject, the seeker and the sought. My job is to provide you with tools and suggestions to help you explore that territory, a map to help you deepen your dance, and deepen your experience of embodiment so that you can cultivate your most complete self–on and off the dance floor. Most of the class will be spent moving–at the level that you are able to do so. I will give some guidance to the group for how to deepen your practice of the rhythms and expand your possibilities. You are welcome to take up that guidance as you are ready to.

  • We dance barefoot or in soft-soled shoes (no street-worn shoes, no socks unless they are made for dance).
  • Bring a water bottle and dress in comfortable, layered clothes.
  • No experience required. No dance skills necessary.
  • Good for all levels of physical ability.

For your first class, you might like to check out my what to expect guide and about 5Rhythms page. These are drop in classes, so attend any class you can! The more regularly you attend, the deeper your practice will become. While 5Rhythms is at the surface a simple and accessible practice, it is also a deep one. The more you do it, the more you will discover! You can pre-register for any of the classes below by clicking on the specific class you are interested in. Or you can purchase a gift certificate online redeemable for any class for yourself or a friend!


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The Wave, as I call it, is a flexible practice, meant to reflect the level of your energy rather than force you to conform to it as a rigid discipline. The only discipline it requires is for you to show up and be true to the part of yourself that is committed to moving. ~ Gabrielle Roth