In registering for this event, I commit to the following: 

  • Presence
    • I will arrive to the venue on time, ready to be on the dance floor and moving by the start time. 
    • If I cannot arrive on time or feel unable to attend a session for any reason, I will contact the organizer and/or Melanie to communicate. I promise not to just disappear! 
    • I will be free of alcohol and mind-altering drugs during the workshop. 
    • I will cultivate responsibility for my physical and mental well-being: aware of any limitations to my physical and mental health and taking care to move and explore in ways that are not hazardous to me.
    • I will leave other practices (for example: yoga, tai chi, contact improv, etc.) outside the workshop, focusing on 5Rhythms for our time together.
  • Community: I will help co-create a safe and sacred space by being mindful of the other participants in the following ways:
    • I will maintain confidentiality. I am free to share my personal journey and stories outside the workshop, but anything that is shared with me or that I witness in the workshop is not my story to tell. 
    • I will allow space for other participants to engage in their process without trying to intervene to comfort them unless expressly invited to do so.
    • I will respect other participants’ personal space, “no,” and belongings.
    • I will leave strong scents at home.
    • I will refrain from photographing other participants without their permission. 
    • If I am experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or another illness OR know I have been exposed, I will contact Melanie or Raven as soon as possible to discuss alternate means of participation or withdrawing from the workshop.
    • I will be truthful about my COVID-19 vaccination status.

Cancellation policy: To cancel, contact the workshop organizer. 75% refund if cancelled 1 month or more before of workshop start date. 50% refund from one month to 1 week before workshop start date. No refund for cancellations less than 1 weeks before workshop, but payment is transferable to another dancer. Exceptions to this policy will be made for COVID-19 infections and at the discretion of the organizer & Melanie.