IMPORTANT: If you are new to 5Rhythms, I suggest reviewing my About 5Rhythms page and dancing with the videos on that page and/or Gabrielle Roth’s album Endless Wave (facilitated introduction to the rhythms–this link takes you to Apple, but you can also find Endless Wave as a playlist on YouTube) before attending an online class. These will give you a sense of 5Rhythms and prepare you to join in the live session.

If this is your first online class with me and/or first 5Rhythms class, I encourage you to write a note in your registration page letting me know that and plan to meet me in the Zoom room 15 minutes before class starts to get acquainted, get settled, ask questions, etc.

Creating the Container

When we attend an in-person class, teacher and crew do a lot to set up the space for us to create a clear and welcoming container for our dance. And we have a set of shared agreements (no talking on the dance floor, no cell phones, etc) to help co-create that safe container for us all to go deeply into our journeys together. We need to do the same online, but the ways we do it are a little different. 

  1. Choose and set up a dancing space for yourself–somewhere you will feel comfortable moving uninterrupted for our time together. 
  2. Arrange the space to be calming and welcoming for you. That might mean sweeping, adjusting lighting, creating a small installation (maybe a few precious objects, candles, a bowl of water), draping cloth over distracting items, tidying. Your care for your space is an offering to yourself for your dance and it is an offering to all of those dancing with you–you are helping to create the shared dance floor. 
  3. Plan to arrive online at least 10 minutes before our class start time. You’ll go into a “waiting room” and Lynne (crew) or I will let you in as soon as we are ready. No one will be admitted more than 10 minutes past the start time. 
  4. Plan to stay the full time. 
  5. Turn off Facebook, phones, messenger, and other apps that may intrude into your dance space. 
  6. To preserve the confidentiality of the space, no recording, no screenshots. (I may ask whether folks are willing to stay at the end to record a brief dance to share online. No is a completely acceptable answer!)
  7. We reserve the chat function in Zoom for technical support questions addressed to Lynne, not for general conversation during class. 
  8. Commit to keeping your camera on while you dance and staying more or less in frame so that we can feel each other. The presence you offer, that precious vulnerability of your dance, will be an offering we will all make to each other. 


Expect weirdness. It’s just the nature of the beast! There’s a lot of traffic right now on Zoom, and all of us are learning new skills. There may be lag times in audio or technical challenges. Lynne–crew & tech support–will be online to help you with those. I’ll introduce her to you when we gather. 

In 5Rhythms, we practice dancing in the chaos, dancing with what is. That said, there are a few things you can do to optimize your experience. 

  1. Make sure you have a device that will work well for class:
    • A desk/laptop computer or tablet, ideally with external speakers or wireless earbuds. (If you don’t have external speakers or earbuds, your device’s speakers will work fine, the audio will just be more limited.) 
    • A smartphone can work, but will limit your participation in a few ways.
    • Your device should have a microphone and camera. The built-in ones are fine. 
    • A hardwired internet connection (actually plugged in to a cable) is going to be most reliable. Wifi is a good second choice. Mobile data is likely to be so-so. 
  2. Download Zoom Client for Meetings onto your device if you haven’t already.
  3. Be sure to give Zoom permission to access your camera and microphone.
  4. Join with your real name, otherwise we may not know who you are to let you into the class when we meet for class.  
  5. Join the meeting with Computer Audio when prompted.
  6. Once you join the class Zoom meeting, look for the Gallery View link (top right on lap/desktops, left side on tablets, not available on phones). Switch to that view so you can see everyone. 
  7. If the “mirror” of seeing yourself as one of the dancing beings on the screen will be distracting for you, you can disable your “box” on the screen in Zoom (hover over yourself and click the … drop down menu) or put a post-it note over it.

If you have questions about any of these, don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I know it may seem like a lot. But we’ve got this! We are moving into a new space. And what seems unfamiliar now will become second nature with time.